Opened A Later time Monday

I opened a slot from 4-5pm on Monday if anyone is interested.  If you need to rearrange your time slot just let me know so I can update the list.  Also, I do need a minimum of 5 students per class time or I will cancel the time slot.  So feel free to spread the word!  I have sent out the info to a few mailing lists, so that should help fill the slots, but word of mouth is the best!  Thank you for helping me out!


Opened one more Monday slot

Oh my goodness!  I wasn't expecting so much so fast!  I opened up one more Monday time slot.  If you want to rearrange your student I am okay with that.  I also will do one Thursday evening.  I have an offer to teach in Lehi, and that would probably be Thursday afternoon, so I can't really do anything until after dinner time on Thursdays.  So, let me know if you need to rearrange or whatever.

THANK YOU!  I can't tell you how excited I am!

Drawing pads are on sale at Michael's

Just wanted to let you know that the Windpower & 400 Series (it makes a difference for the sale) Strathmore drawing pads are 50% off this week at Michaels!  They usually only go 40% off, so this is a great deal!  I prefer the 400 series.  As long as you get the drawing paper, I'd go with whatever is the cheapest!

For class we need either 8x10, or 11x14- I prefer spiral bound so the pages don't end up falling out!

They also have Derwent pencil sets 50% off.  Derwent is pricey, but that is the best pencil you can get in America.  Well worth it.  Sets are better than singles.  We only need a 2B right now, but if the smaller sets are there, maybe grab the one that has 2B-4B (we use the B's more than the H's).  Don't worry about the set unless you really want to get them.  We are going to be fine with just a 2B for a while!  (I just have a hard time passing up 50% off on supplies!)

Drawing Classes

Hi!  I wanted to offer my drawing classes to other home schooling families.  I have been teaching in Draper, but I am going to move classes to my home starting in January 3rd.  I live in Saratoga Springs, just north of the 4 corners area.

I have a Fine Arts/Visual Art/Studio Art background.  I completed my art training at BYU, and planned to teach high school art, but my two youngest kids needed to be home schooled.  So, I have been teaching classes privately this year.

I teach fundamental classes, the essentials of learning to draw like the Masters.  We start with training our brain to be able to go from left to right brain, and build from there.  We will cover exercises that teach the right brain shift, contours, edges, positive/negative space, sight size method, shading techniques, etc.

I am a classic trained artist, and we will be focusing on learning to draw in a realistic style.  With that foundation you can move on to painting and sculpture, and pretty much any other form of art.

My classes are 5-8 students, ages 7 and up (divided up based on skill level)

I charge $5 per lesson, paid monthly, due the first week of the month.  (Supplies are not included, but are less than $10 to start)

If you are interested please e-mail me!  Classes are filled on a first come-first serve basis.

I offer a sibling discount of $1 off per lesson.

If you are interested, but need a different day or time, please let me know.  I have other times that might work!

Thank you!

You can e-mail me at ahstaker at  or post a comment below and I will check those as they come in!

Available Classes:
Monday 1-2pm
Monday 3-4pm
Friday 9:30-10:30am (In Draper)

If there is enough interest I can open up classes on Thursday evenings.  But I need a minimum of 5 students in order to hold class.