Drawing pads are on sale at Michael's

Just wanted to let you know that the Windpower & 400 Series (it makes a difference for the sale) Strathmore drawing pads are 50% off this week at Michaels!  They usually only go 40% off, so this is a great deal!  I prefer the 400 series.  As long as you get the drawing paper, I'd go with whatever is the cheapest!

For class we need either 8x10, or 11x14- I prefer spiral bound so the pages don't end up falling out!

They also have Derwent pencil sets 50% off.  Derwent is pricey, but that is the best pencil you can get in America.  Well worth it.  Sets are better than singles.  We only need a 2B right now, but if the smaller sets are there, maybe grab the one that has 2B-4B (we use the B's more than the H's).  Don't worry about the set unless you really want to get them.  We are going to be fine with just a 2B for a while!  (I just have a hard time passing up 50% off on supplies!)

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