Enrollment Update for Fall

*Spring & Summer Students*
If you were enrolled during Summer:
You will want to enroll in the same class you were in (especially Drawing 1!) We will continue from where we left off.

I do not have all classes available for fall due to needing to be available to help my mom. So if you are unsure which class to enroll in please use this as a guide!

If your child is not in kindergarten yet they can only take art elements.

Art Fundamentals for fall will have levels 1,2 and 3 combined into one class. If they did summer they will NOT repeat any projects. I will adapt the lessons and projects so that the different ages may be doing different things.

If you took Drawing 1 from January through May you will want to enroll in Drawing 2.
If you took Drawing 1 during the summer you will continue with Drawing 1 in Fall (no lessons will be repeated.)
If you took Drawing 2 in Summer you will continue with Drawing 2 for Fall. (no lessons will be repeated.)


Fall Art- No Tues. classes

Sorry for more changes.  My mom was in a horrible car accident last week.  She is still in the hospital.  She had a shattered heel/foot, a compound fracture in her right hand (she is right handed) and her neck was broken.  She has no paralization thankfully!  But, she will be on her back for 3 months. And I am sure there will be therapy and stuff after.  So, I am cutting my schedule back again so that I have more time to help her while she recovers.  I know I have not got every class available, but I should have something available for every age.  If you are unsure if a class will work for your child, please send me a note and I will help you figure out what is best.  I will be flexible as far as ages to make sure we can accommodate the children!  As far as a Drawing 3 class- we are going to keep it with Drawing 2 for this semester, so if you are looking for that class please sign up for Drawing 2! Thank you so much for being patient with me.  Family has to come first!


Fall Art Changes

I wanted to get the word out a little early for my art classes this fall.  I have cut my schedule back because I need to be able to go to my oldest daughter's cross country meets, as well as get my other kids to their classes.  So, my Fall schedule got switched a bit. (I only made changes to classes that did NOT have any sign ups yet).

I do not plan to add any additional classes due to trying to keep on top of my own kids' activities. So once these classes fill there will probably just be a waiting list.

Head on over and reserve your spot!
Fall classes are ONLY $75 per child for the entire semester!!!
Most classes INCLUDE supplies!
(You can pay in full or break it down into smaller payments.)

I do have home school classes still available, in addition to after school times.  There is a lot to pick from based on ages and interests.