*There will not be art classes January - May 2012*

I think this has been one of the hardest decisions ever. But I finally realized I was completely ignoring an answer to a prayer, repeatedly. Every time I put the calendar up I felt this mass chaos, every time I took it down I felt calm. So I kept putting it up trying to make it work. And I finally realized what was happening after my third or fourth attempt at it. I think I need a break for a little while. I have been running non-stop since I went back to school full time 3 1/2 years ago, then added home-schooling to my schedule (while in school), then once I had finished my art classes I began teaching. So, I just need to take a break and let my family have me more. It will be great for my creative spirit I am certain. I am currently planning to have some classes during the summer. Until I know what my husband's schedule will be I am not going to plan my calendar, but I expect I will have at least one morning of classes available. Thank you so much for the opportunity to teach you and your children! I have loved every minute of it! I am so blessed to have a talent I can share that brings me so much joy and fulfillment! ~Sincerely, April


No class next week!

We will not be having any classes next week!  
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!

Drawing class makeup for the Thursday class

*Drawing class makeup* If you missed our Tuesday makeup class I am doing one more NEXT Friday, Nov. 11th 4-5pm. Thank you for being so patient!
This ONLY applies to the Thursday class, and only for the kids who didn't make it on Tues. Nov. 1st!



Reminder- (I know this is last minute for a reminder, but I was baking the wedding cake all day and totally spaced it!)

Thursday's classes are canceled! Do NOT come THURSDAY!
Art Fundamentals is having class TODAY at 4-4:45pm
Drawing is TODAY from 4:45-5:45pm.
I have heard from all of my AF class- THANK YOU!

I have only heard from THREE of my drawing families! So if I haven't heard from you please shoot me a note or text me!

I am trying to figure out another time for those who can't make it today. I am wondering how open your Friday afternoons are. Let me know if that is a possibility!



There IS class this week!

Just a reminder- there IS class this week! I realize it is the week of fall break for Alpine, but I am having class anyway. Not everyone leaves, and I wanted to get 15 weeks of classes in this semester so we could get to where I like to end up at! If you do plan to go somewhere enjoy your break!


What have we been up to?!

I thought I would try to post a little something about the classes.  If I can remember I will try to do it weekly. That could be a big "if"!

Art Elements had a lot of fun with color and visual texture this week.  We looked at Eric Carle's book "The Hungry Caterpillar".  We read it, and enjoyed studying the pictures that he makes with tissue paper.  So talked about how he layered colors and used simple shapes to make those beautiful images.  And then we made some of our own.  We used art tissue paper to cut or tear into shapes, patterns, pictures, etc. and designed a piece of art.  Then we used vinegar to "glue" the tissue paper to the white paper we had underneath.  Next week they will get to come back and see what happened!

Drawing 1 (Summer continuing)- we learned about view finders and picture planes.  We practiced using our view finder to help us mentally convert a 3-d image into a flat line drawing.  Next week we tackle the drawing on paper!  This is a major step, and it can seem daunting.  But once we get going it tends to be very exciting as we overcome the left brain fears and worries!

Drawing 2- We had a fun value study day.  I decided to take the lessons down a couple of notches so we weren't in too far over our heads.  We will spend at least one more week working on "seeing" values and how light behaves.  These will be loose and fun studies so that we don't have too much overload and burn out!

Art Fundamentals- We learned about the science of light and how it creates, or is, color.  We observed color in a lit room, then went to where we could slip the lights off and create dark, where we could only see black.  We discussed how light is what makes color, and the absence of light creates black.  We talked about how light color and pigment colors are different.  And then we talked about value.  We did a piece today with only  black crayon, and they had to get values of black (grays) using only that crayon.  It was fun and they all did a great job of getting variety in values!

Drawing 1 (Fall start) Today we began a two part lesson.  We duplicated a piece of art and tried to stay in right brain mode for the drawing.  Next week we change it up and force the left brain to shut off (if all goes as planned!).  After that drawing is complete we will compare the two and we can gauge how well we are controlling the right/left brain switch.  It is fun, and usually we see a drastic improvement between this week and next week!

If you r child was absent this week we will catch them up!  I know allergies are horrible right now, and I have heard rumors of other bugs going through the schools.  Stay healthy!  Encourage your students to draw in their free time.  All drawing is good for them, it engages the right brain and it just extra practice! Have a great week!


No Class this week!

Just a reminder that we don't have class this week!


A few more open spots!

There are a few more open spots due to no-shows.  (Which is exactly the reason your spot isn't secure until paid.) So if you were hoping to join a class please check the list for updates.  If there are openings there will still be a registration link.  If we are down to just a chair or two I will let you know in case you want to enroll multiple siblings.

Drawing classes can only be joined before week 3!


Still Thinking/Procrastinating?

Just a note for those who are still waiting to enroll....

Classes start in TWO *GASP* WEEKS!  Please enroll soon if you are planning on it so that I will be able be prepared with supplies!

Thank you!  I am so excited for Fall, even though I feel like Summer was just a blink.


Enrollment Update for Fall

*Spring & Summer Students*
If you were enrolled during Summer:
You will want to enroll in the same class you were in (especially Drawing 1!) We will continue from where we left off.

I do not have all classes available for fall due to needing to be available to help my mom. So if you are unsure which class to enroll in please use this as a guide!

If your child is not in kindergarten yet they can only take art elements.

Art Fundamentals for fall will have levels 1,2 and 3 combined into one class. If they did summer they will NOT repeat any projects. I will adapt the lessons and projects so that the different ages may be doing different things.

If you took Drawing 1 from January through May you will want to enroll in Drawing 2.
If you took Drawing 1 during the summer you will continue with Drawing 1 in Fall (no lessons will be repeated.)
If you took Drawing 2 in Summer you will continue with Drawing 2 for Fall. (no lessons will be repeated.)


Fall Art- No Tues. classes

Sorry for more changes.  My mom was in a horrible car accident last week.  She is still in the hospital.  She had a shattered heel/foot, a compound fracture in her right hand (she is right handed) and her neck was broken.  She has no paralization thankfully!  But, she will be on her back for 3 months. And I am sure there will be therapy and stuff after.  So, I am cutting my schedule back again so that I have more time to help her while she recovers.  I know I have not got every class available, but I should have something available for every age.  If you are unsure if a class will work for your child, please send me a note and I will help you figure out what is best.  I will be flexible as far as ages to make sure we can accommodate the children!  As far as a Drawing 3 class- we are going to keep it with Drawing 2 for this semester, so if you are looking for that class please sign up for Drawing 2! Thank you so much for being patient with me.  Family has to come first!


Fall Art Changes

I wanted to get the word out a little early for my art classes this fall.  I have cut my schedule back because I need to be able to go to my oldest daughter's cross country meets, as well as get my other kids to their classes.  So, my Fall schedule got switched a bit. (I only made changes to classes that did NOT have any sign ups yet).

I do not plan to add any additional classes due to trying to keep on top of my own kids' activities. So once these classes fill there will probably just be a waiting list.

Head on over and reserve your spot! http://artwithapril.blogspot.com/p/fall-2011-classes.html
Fall classes are ONLY $75 per child for the entire semester!!!
Most classes INCLUDE supplies!
(You can pay in full or break it down into smaller payments.)

I do have home school classes still available, in addition to after school times.  There is a lot to pick from based on ages and interests.


Kids bored already!?!

Classes still open for June/July (You can start immediately!)

(***Paypal doesn't register you!  Please fill out the form for the corresponding class from the schedule below so that I have all of the information I need for your student. Thank you!)
You can start immediately! Please add one student to the cart at a time!
Student's Name and Class Time
Parent's Name + EMail

6 Spots open
 Acrylic Painting
Ages 9+
No previous experience required
Supply List Click Here

To REGISTER Click Here:

ONLY 6 Spots Left!

Art Elements 1
Ages 4-6 (MUST be potty trained)
All Supplies are included


 ONLY 4 Spots Left!

Art Fundamentals 1
Ages 6-11
All Supplies are included
ONLY 1 Spot Left!
Drawing 1
Ages 8+ 
For students that have never taken class from me or have had less than 3 months of classes.
Supply List Click Here
Drawing 1


ONLY 2 Spots Left!
Drawing 1
For students that have never taken class from me or have had less than 3 months of classes.
Supply List Click Here
For students that have had at least 3 months of drawing class with me.

Drawing 2* 
Arts & Crafts
Ages 5-10  
All Supplies are included
Boy Scout Classes

ONLY 3 Spots Left!
Arts & Crafts
All Supplies are included

Boy Scout Classes

Art Fundamentals 1
Ages 6-11
All Supplies are included

*Must have already taken Drawing 1 with me


Emails coming for Summer Classes

I am sending out confirmation e-mails and lots of information today!  If you don't see one by midnight tonight let me know- I may not have your current e-mail! 

If you know anyone who wanted to sign up I do still have room, but they need to get registered ASAP!  Please remind them to hurry!  (You can join late, but the pricing won't be pro-rated.)

I am excited or classes to begin!  Summer will be lots of fun!

Changes in Fall Schedule

Before I had a lot of sign ups I decided to change a few things!  Hopefully it works for everyone.  I started the classes for pre-K and home school a little earlier. 

I also have lessons plans ready for Art Fundamentals that can cover 8 semesters of classes!  So ages 5-12 will be able to take class.  This is awesome news for anyone wanting a more typical "art" curriculum for their kids.  It won't be a rigorous as Drawing, but will teach tons and tons of fundamentals that are necessary for any budding or progressing artist!  As the levels progress we will be tackling bigger projects that take longer to finish, and I am excited about that!  It is so much fun as you get older to put more time into a piece, there is a bigger sense of accomplishment that comes with that.  Art Fundamentals will involve drawing, painting, chalk pastels, oil pastels, tempera, watercolor, and misc. mediums.  It will be a lot of fun!

The Fundamentals of art teach about the use of Color, Value, Texture, Shape, Line & Form.  Each level will add to the previous one, teaching more in depth and with the creation of more involved projects.  We will also learn to compare art works and artists.

I have added classes for Art Fundamentals from Level 1 through Level 4 for Fall.  I will continue adding each semester to accommodate those who are moving through the program!

Beginning in the Fall this is how Art Fundamentals will work:
Art Fundamentals Levels 1-8 (Ages 5-12)

Age 5 can ONLY take Level 1& 2
Ages 6-7 Level 1-6 (start at the lowest level)
 Ages 8-10 Levels 3-8 (start at the lowest level)
Ages 11-12 Levels 4-8(start at the lowest level)


Last chance to sign up for Summer!

I have classes that are almost to capacity, and I won't squish more in.  But I have a few openings still and would love to fill them!  Classes start June 6th so don't procrastinate!  Head over to the Summer Classes link (above in the menu).  First come first serve!  Summer will be so much fun!  We will learn like crazy but it will be a fun atmosphere!  That's the best way to learn if you ask me!

Fall Registration is Open!

I have made my schedule for the classes at my studio for Fall.  If you want to register now you certainly can!  Fall classes are in the menu above.  I have simplified payments so that it is a flat fee and you can pay in one, two or three installments!  Yay for simplifying!!!

I am possibly going to add classes at the Lehi Arts Building, and I am discussing classes for Draper and another location in Saratoga Springs.  As those get worked out I will let you know.  I know so many people from Orem to Taylorsville have asked me to come closer, but I don't know if that will be possible, but I am doing what I can to get a little closer!



I have been giving out scholarships anonymously this semester.  I decided that I would make this known to everyone.  You can see a link up above in the menu bar for "scholarships".  If you are in financial need you can apply.  If you know someone who would be interested but can't afford class, please refer them to the scholarship application. 


I offer up to three scholarships each semester.  These go to students who show a very intense interest in art and whose families are in a financial situation that prevents them from being able to afford classes.  If you are in this situation, or know someone who is, then I encourage you (or your referral) to apply.

1. The student must be interested in art, and spend much of their free time creating art work.
2. The family must be in financial need.  (I do not require proof, just honesty.)
3. The application is due no later than two weeks before the semester starts. Applications will be applied to whichever semester they are turned in in time for.
4.The student cannot miss more than two classes per semester or the scholarship will be given to someone else.  If the student misses a third class the student will not be permitted to class without paying.  (I want this to be an opportunity that is taken seriously, and I expect it to be used wisely.)
5. Any one student can only receive a maximum of two scholarships.
6. Scholarships are not transferable.
7. Scholarships are awarded based on the application.
8. All ages may apply.


New Classes Added

I added a few more classes to the summer schedule because a few seem to have more demand than I expected! (I love that!)

Drawing 1 Mondays 1-2pm
Arts & Crafts class on Mondays from 2-3pm.
Art Elements (NEW! Ages 4-6) Tuesdays 10-10:45am
Art Fundamentals Tuesdays 10:45-11:30am

I may add more if there is a big rush in the next week or so.


Boy Scout Art Classes in June

I am setting up a class for Boy Scouts to work on their Art Merit Badges, Cub Scout art belt loops and pins.  (I am a merit badge counselor for art!)  We will tackle most of the projects needed in class with a few being done at home in the week between classes.
You must attend both sessions in order to finish the requirements!  Materials will be provided. We will be working with messy materials, so dress appropriately.

You register by clicking the link that follows the class description.  Your spot is not reserved until paid for.  You can pay for the class by using the shopping cart button at the bottom!

Art Merit Badges
I am a merit badge counselor for art!  We will tackle most of the projects needed in class with a few being done at home in the week between classes.
You must attend both sessions in order to finish the requirements!  Materials will be provided. We will be working with messy materials, so dress appropriately.

June 7 AND 28
*To complete the requirements a trip to a museum is required.  If you can do that before classes end I can sign it off.
Register for the Merit Badge Classes by clicking HERE!

Cub Scout Art Belt Loop
We will tackle all of the projects needed in class!
You must attend both sessions in order to finish the requirements!  
Materials will be provided. We will be working with messy materials, so dress appropriately.

June 14 AND 21
Register for the Art Belt Loop classes by clicking HERE!

Cub Scout Art Pin (after Belt Loop is earned)
We will tackle all of the projects needed in class!
You must attend both sessions in order to finish the requirements!  
Materials will be provided. We will be working with messy materials, so dress appropriately.

June 14 AND 21
Register for the Art Pin Classes by clicking HERE!

Register FIRST! Then you can pay:
Student's Full Name and Class
Parent's Name + Phone


Summer Classes filling quickly!

If you are still on the fence you may want to make a decision.  I have only got a couple of spots left in some of the summer classes! 

I also made options for the classes that are less structured so that you can do one month or both. So for those who wanted to participate but have vacations planned you can hopefully still join us!

Just head over to the Summer Classes page to sign up!


New! Acrylic Painting classes for summer!

I have had a few kids request a painting class.  I don't want to do any that are really expensive, but acrylics are fun, fairly simple, safe and inexpensive.  I added two classes for summer.  If you click on the Summer Classes link you will see them.

Ages 9+
No previous experience required

We will work on completing some paintings in class.  The number will vary based on the student's experience and the difficulty and size of the project.

Supplies Needed:
*A basic set of acrylic paint (not craft paint, get an artist set of acrylics) we can mix our own colors as long as they have a good basic set.
*Paint brushes: various sizes, but smaller rather than larger.  Make sure they are for watercolors or acrylics.
*A brush cleaner (these are jars or tubs that you can fill with water to clean the brushes)
*a roll of paper towels
*canvas or paper (that is specifically for  acrylics- it will be thicker than regular drawing paper.)
*Palette: I use the kind that come in what looks like a drawing pad- they are just disposable papers
*a picture or collage of what you want to paint
*drawing pencil: either 2H, H, HB B, or 2B (NOT CHARCOAL!)

Rulers needed!

We are starting perspective lesson in Drawing 1 next week.  I have 12" rulers they can use.  However, if they have their own ruler that is 15-18" it would be awesome!  Perspective is really fun, and it will be a nice change of pace.  The students have done an awesome job this semester!  I hope you will consider taking summer classes so that they keep using these skills!


New TWO hour class for summer! (Get your errands done!)

I am excited to announce a new class!  My 15 year old daughter is trying to earn money for a school trip.  It is hard to find a job for a 15 year old.  So we came up with a plan that we are hoping will help both her and a bunch of the parents out there who dread errand running in the summer!

I will help her with the class, and guide it.  But she is going to be in charge of the game portion, because she has way more energy and ideas in that department! And we will work on the arts & crafts part together.

Ages 5-10
Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30am
June 7- July 26
$55 for the summer session
This is a TWO Hour class so that parents can have a break and run errands during the summer months.

This class will be fun crafts and art projects.  We will have a different project each week.
We will also incorporate some fun games and play time to make this their favorite day of the week!

We will also have snacks that are fruits or vegetables available.

All Supplies are included
(papers, paints, markers, pastels, and a box for carrying our projects home, etc.)
*You will want to have your child wear an apron or an old shirt- we tend to get our hands a little messy!

After Registration you can pay
Student's Full Name and Class
Parent's Name + Phone


May & Summer Classes in Sandy on hold

I have some really sad news.  I found out today that the Sandy Robert's store is closing.  So, for now we will finish classes through April.  They will be closing mid-May, so I am going to hold off on the class extensions for right now.  And summer classes are on hold as well.

If you know of a good location, similar to the Robert's classroom I would be happy to look into it.  I know Hobby Lobby and Michael's have classrooms, but I don't know how available they are or what they charge for rent.  So I am going to look into that.  Hobby Lobby would be really close to where we were in Sandy, so that is my preference at the moment.  I can also look into the South Jordan and American Fork Robert's stores. 

I am so sad about this news, both because it affects our classes and because I always liked shopping at Robert's.  I've been shopping at that store for about... forever.

If you are still interested in those class times, please still register.  That will help me know how large of a classroom  am going to need, and to let me give the new location an idea of class size as well.  Do not pay for classes yet because I don't want to take money and then need to return it!

Thank you for your patience while I sort out what to do!


Summer Classes in Sandy

I have added two summer classes in Sandy.  If these fill I will open a third.


Summer Cub Scout Classes

I added some classes to the summer schedule that are specifically for Cub Scouts. I can pass the boys off on Wolf and Bear Art Electives, Webelos Artist Badge, Cub Scout Belt Loops, and Cub Scout Art Pin.

Registration and payments can be made on the "Summer Classes" page.

The classes go for a specific length of time based on the requirements.  All supplies will be included for the cost of class.  Classes are first come first serve based on the payment being received.

*Please do not wear your scout uniform to class- we will be painting some weeks and working with other messy materials.  We don't want to ruin the scout uniforms!*


Summer Classes

I have just posted my summer classes on the blog! I haven't decided yet if I will do a second day. I am going to wait to see if these classes fill. You can register and pay for class through Paypal! (You don't need a PayPal account). Summer classes will run for 7 weeks beginning June 6. No classes July 4th. There will not be a sibling discount for summer because I have made the price lower for this block.


Pay your tuition online!

I have added a "Pay Now" button so that you can pay online.  This will allow you to use debit/credit cards which may be easier!  You do not have to have a Paypal account to use this service.

Simply use the drop down menu, select the correct number of weeks for this month, the correct number of students and you are set!  (Sandy classes- simply choose which class it is.)

The menus and buttons are over to the right in the sidebar!


New Class for ages 5-7

I have had requests to do a class for younger kids.  I am going to try this!  I have a program for them, but it is different from the drawing classes.  The kids this age are still developing in motor skills, attention span, etc.  So the class will be pretty different from my drawing classes.  We will work with seeing shapes, colors, forms, etc.  It will have more projects with paints, markers, crayons, and other materials.

If you would like to sign up for this class please use this form:

The cost will be $5 per lesson, plus a $15 supply fee so that I can have the materials they will need.  You won't have to worry about bringing supplies for them.  However, you may wan to get them an apron or over-sized shirt!

This is a 15 lesson course.  We will go from January 13- April 28.


Supply List Reminder!

Classes start this week!  I just wanted to send a reminder of what you would need to bring with to class.

*A quick note: There is no food or drink allowed in the studio.  So please take care of that before you come!  Thank you!

Supply Lists

Drawing 1
*Drawing pad, either an 8x10 or 11x14 size SPIRAL bound, and make sure it is drawing paper. Sketch pads are cheaper, but they are thinner paper.  (The more pages in the pad the longer they last for class.  I recommend waiting for a good sale at Hobby Lobby, Michael's or Robert's.  40-50% is a great sale!)
*One 2B drawing pencil
*A metal (must be metal, or there is a prismacolor one that is enclosed that I love, shavings stay contained) pencil sharpener
*One pink pearl eraser

Drawing 2
*Drawing pad, either an 8x10 or 11x14 size SPIRAL bound, and make sure it is drawing paper. Sketch pads are cheaper, but they are thinner paper.  (The more pages in the pad the longer they last for class.  I recommend waiting for a good sale at Hobby Lobby, Michael's or Robert's.  40-50% is a great sale!)
*One 2B drawing pencil
*A metal (must be metal, or there is a prismacolor one that is enclosed that I love, shavings stay contained) pencil sharpener
*One pink pearl eraser
*metal ruler with cork backing 15" - 24"

Sandy Class for 12+

I am considering a class for ages 12+ at the Sandy Library.  If you would commit to this class please fill out the form below.  I am currently taking names, and if I have at least 8 students committed I will go ahead with the class.