May & Summer Classes in Sandy on hold

I have some really sad news.  I found out today that the Sandy Robert's store is closing.  So, for now we will finish classes through April.  They will be closing mid-May, so I am going to hold off on the class extensions for right now.  And summer classes are on hold as well.

If you know of a good location, similar to the Robert's classroom I would be happy to look into it.  I know Hobby Lobby and Michael's have classrooms, but I don't know how available they are or what they charge for rent.  So I am going to look into that.  Hobby Lobby would be really close to where we were in Sandy, so that is my preference at the moment.  I can also look into the South Jordan and American Fork Robert's stores. 

I am so sad about this news, both because it affects our classes and because I always liked shopping at Robert's.  I've been shopping at that store for about... forever.

If you are still interested in those class times, please still register.  That will help me know how large of a classroom  am going to need, and to let me give the new location an idea of class size as well.  Do not pay for classes yet because I don't want to take money and then need to return it!

Thank you for your patience while I sort out what to do!

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