New! Acrylic Painting classes for summer!

I have had a few kids request a painting class.  I don't want to do any that are really expensive, but acrylics are fun, fairly simple, safe and inexpensive.  I added two classes for summer.  If you click on the Summer Classes link you will see them.

Ages 9+
No previous experience required

We will work on completing some paintings in class.  The number will vary based on the student's experience and the difficulty and size of the project.

Supplies Needed:
*A basic set of acrylic paint (not craft paint, get an artist set of acrylics) we can mix our own colors as long as they have a good basic set.
*Paint brushes: various sizes, but smaller rather than larger.  Make sure they are for watercolors or acrylics.
*A brush cleaner (these are jars or tubs that you can fill with water to clean the brushes)
*a roll of paper towels
*canvas or paper (that is specifically for  acrylics- it will be thicker than regular drawing paper.)
*Palette: I use the kind that come in what looks like a drawing pad- they are just disposable papers
*a picture or collage of what you want to paint
*drawing pencil: either 2H, H, HB B, or 2B (NOT CHARCOAL!)

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