One Spot JUST OPENED in Art Fundamentals!

I had a class change for a student and so there is ONE spot available for Art Fundamentals!  If you missed out before- grab it quick!

Art Fundamentals Is Full

Alrighty, there are 4 spots left for Arts & Crafts, and that's all I've got for you!  I am excited, this is going to be a fun summer!

A little secret about the craft projects: we are going beach themed!  (beach candles, fishy note holders, hanging jellyfish, and one more project!)


Summer Drawing is FULL!

Thank you for all of the sign ups!  Summer drawing class is now full.  If you missed this, I will have at least two drawing classes in the fall.  I am hoping to have Fall registration up soon.  I just have to wait until I know what days my daughter will run cross country races.  Last year they had that ready for us the first part of June, so I am hopeful that we will know soon!

Thank you!

And if you are still wanting to give your kids a great summer activity that boosts their brains without being taxing on them, I have spots in Art Fundamentals and Arts & Crafts!


Last Call for Summer!

Alright- we are down to just over a week to go!  Classes are filling well, and only have a few spots left.  Here is the update (you can see the current status by going to the registration page):

Arts & Crafts, June ONLY, 4 spots open

Art Fundamentals, June & July only, 4 spots open

Drawing, June & July, 3 spots open

You can register as late as you choose, but there are no makeups for missed classes, and I am not lowering the price for late sign ups.  So if you are just waiting it is better to get signed up and start on day one!

I will send out an email *hopefully* over the weekend to all those signed up with the the details about my studio policies, maps, reminders, what to bring/wear, etc.

Also, please feel free to share this blog with a friend!  I would love to have all 12 seats full in each class.  It keeps my costs from having to go up to cover supplies!

Thanks and I will see you soon!!!!


Class Updates

Okay, I have a couple of updates I need to post before I forget!

First- Arts & Crafts will only be in June, and I still am short 4 kids in that class. Please spread the word! This class is fun, not a lot different than Art Fundamentals, but we will play with more mediums and there will be more of "building" things (crafts that are assembled, I guess that's a way to put it). So this is great for kids that like to be hands on and "make" something more than a painting or drawing. This is also a great way to get younger kids interested in art and help keep their creative imaginations going without a lot of pressure.

Art Fundamentals is getting full. I have a number of people who have said they want a spot, but that haven't paid. I am going to have to take whoever pays first even if you have asked for me to "save" a spot. In the past I have saved spots and then had no shows, and I decided I would not do that anymore. So, if you are wanting a spot you need to hurry! I have more people requesting spots than I have spots. Also, I am discouraging one month spots in that class because space is so limited and I have enough people that want both months, and I would rather have all my spots be full, so that takes priority for me.

And last- drawing 2 has a few more spots open. Again, if you are wanting a spot in there please hurry. We aren't quite to the 8 student mark, but supplies are not an issue in this class, so I will probably keep it open anyway. I would love it to have a few more students though, so please tell your friends!

Thank you so much!


Possible Class Cancelations

***Classes with fewer than 8 students will be canceled.  Deadline is May 31st!***

If you have registered for a class that might be canceled I will contact you. I don't want to cancel, but I can't afford all of the supplies for a class unless we have at least 8 kids sharing the materials.  To make it cost effective I buy in bulk, so this is kind of a big deal. I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.  You will have the option of switching classes or a refund.  I hope, of course, that we can switch classes should this happen.  I just needed to give you notice of the policy!


Registration just opened! 
I have changed classes just a bit for summer, so here is the run down:

Summer Classes
Mondays: June 4 - July 30

There will only be 12 spots for each class, first come first serve.

*prices vary- you can choose just June or July or do both and get a discount!

Registration Page is here:

Mondays 9:30-10:15am
 Arts & Crafts
(ages 5-13)

*12 Spots Available
All supplies Included
 We will not repeat any of last year's projects.  So if you liked last year and want to take it again you can!

Mondays 10:15-11am 
 Art Fundamentals (ages 5-11)

*12 Spots Available
All supplies included
We will not repeat any of the lessons from the past year.  So if you took it earlier and liked it you can take it again!

Mondays 11-Noon

(Ages 8-18)
We will start learning value and shading!  I prefer you have had drawing 1 because we will start out drawing objects without lessons on how.  But I am open to new students who want to start learning about value.
*12 Spots Available
Price Options: You can choose supplies included or not included.
Included supplies will be mine to keep except the drawing pad.  Your supply fees don't actually cover the cost of everything, but will offset my purchase price.
Supplies Needed (cost is approx. $25-30 depending on coupons and sales):
Minimum 12" metal ruler (with cork backing)
Graphite Pencil Set (usually 8-12 pencils with a range of 4h-6b depending on the brand.  I prefer Derwent.)
Pink Pearl Eraser (Pink Pearl is the brand, please don't get cheap pink erasers- they ruin paper!)
Drawing Pad- 8x10 to 11x14)
METAL pencil sharpener (cheap school ones ruin pencils!)

Please note- your spot is not secured until paid for.
*I can't give discounts for missed weeks.  So please consider how much time you will be missing before you register.  I also cannot do makeup classes because I will only be teaching one day per week. There will be no refunds, but I can change classes for a student if necessary.


Summer Art Anyone?!

I am trying to make the decision on whether to hold summer art classes or not.  So, if you are interested PLEASE fill out this survey!  It will help me know what is wanted and if the day that works best for me will work for you.