Fall Art- No Tues. classes

Sorry for more changes.  My mom was in a horrible car accident last week.  She is still in the hospital.  She had a shattered heel/foot, a compound fracture in her right hand (she is right handed) and her neck was broken.  She has no paralization thankfully!  But, she will be on her back for 3 months. And I am sure there will be therapy and stuff after.  So, I am cutting my schedule back again so that I have more time to help her while she recovers.  I know I have not got every class available, but I should have something available for every age.  If you are unsure if a class will work for your child, please send me a note and I will help you figure out what is best.  I will be flexible as far as ages to make sure we can accommodate the children!  As far as a Drawing 3 class- we are going to keep it with Drawing 2 for this semester, so if you are looking for that class please sign up for Drawing 2! Thank you so much for being patient with me.  Family has to come first!

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