I have been giving out scholarships anonymously this semester.  I decided that I would make this known to everyone.  You can see a link up above in the menu bar for "scholarships".  If you are in financial need you can apply.  If you know someone who would be interested but can't afford class, please refer them to the scholarship application. 


I offer up to three scholarships each semester.  These go to students who show a very intense interest in art and whose families are in a financial situation that prevents them from being able to afford classes.  If you are in this situation, or know someone who is, then I encourage you (or your referral) to apply.

1. The student must be interested in art, and spend much of their free time creating art work.
2. The family must be in financial need.  (I do not require proof, just honesty.)
3. The application is due no later than two weeks before the semester starts. Applications will be applied to whichever semester they are turned in in time for.
4.The student cannot miss more than two classes per semester or the scholarship will be given to someone else.  If the student misses a third class the student will not be permitted to class without paying.  (I want this to be an opportunity that is taken seriously, and I expect it to be used wisely.)
5. Any one student can only receive a maximum of two scholarships.
6. Scholarships are not transferable.
7. Scholarships are awarded based on the application.
8. All ages may apply.

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