Changes in Fall Schedule

Before I had a lot of sign ups I decided to change a few things!  Hopefully it works for everyone.  I started the classes for pre-K and home school a little earlier. 

I also have lessons plans ready for Art Fundamentals that can cover 8 semesters of classes!  So ages 5-12 will be able to take class.  This is awesome news for anyone wanting a more typical "art" curriculum for their kids.  It won't be a rigorous as Drawing, but will teach tons and tons of fundamentals that are necessary for any budding or progressing artist!  As the levels progress we will be tackling bigger projects that take longer to finish, and I am excited about that!  It is so much fun as you get older to put more time into a piece, there is a bigger sense of accomplishment that comes with that.  Art Fundamentals will involve drawing, painting, chalk pastels, oil pastels, tempera, watercolor, and misc. mediums.  It will be a lot of fun!

The Fundamentals of art teach about the use of Color, Value, Texture, Shape, Line & Form.  Each level will add to the previous one, teaching more in depth and with the creation of more involved projects.  We will also learn to compare art works and artists.

I have added classes for Art Fundamentals from Level 1 through Level 4 for Fall.  I will continue adding each semester to accommodate those who are moving through the program!

Beginning in the Fall this is how Art Fundamentals will work:
Art Fundamentals Levels 1-8 (Ages 5-12)

Age 5 can ONLY take Level 1& 2
Ages 6-7 Level 1-6 (start at the lowest level)
 Ages 8-10 Levels 3-8 (start at the lowest level)
Ages 11-12 Levels 4-8(start at the lowest level)

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