What have we been up to?!

I thought I would try to post a little something about the classes.  If I can remember I will try to do it weekly. That could be a big "if"!

Art Elements had a lot of fun with color and visual texture this week.  We looked at Eric Carle's book "The Hungry Caterpillar".  We read it, and enjoyed studying the pictures that he makes with tissue paper.  So talked about how he layered colors and used simple shapes to make those beautiful images.  And then we made some of our own.  We used art tissue paper to cut or tear into shapes, patterns, pictures, etc. and designed a piece of art.  Then we used vinegar to "glue" the tissue paper to the white paper we had underneath.  Next week they will get to come back and see what happened!

Drawing 1 (Summer continuing)- we learned about view finders and picture planes.  We practiced using our view finder to help us mentally convert a 3-d image into a flat line drawing.  Next week we tackle the drawing on paper!  This is a major step, and it can seem daunting.  But once we get going it tends to be very exciting as we overcome the left brain fears and worries!

Drawing 2- We had a fun value study day.  I decided to take the lessons down a couple of notches so we weren't in too far over our heads.  We will spend at least one more week working on "seeing" values and how light behaves.  These will be loose and fun studies so that we don't have too much overload and burn out!

Art Fundamentals- We learned about the science of light and how it creates, or is, color.  We observed color in a lit room, then went to where we could slip the lights off and create dark, where we could only see black.  We discussed how light is what makes color, and the absence of light creates black.  We talked about how light color and pigment colors are different.  And then we talked about value.  We did a piece today with only  black crayon, and they had to get values of black (grays) using only that crayon.  It was fun and they all did a great job of getting variety in values!

Drawing 1 (Fall start) Today we began a two part lesson.  We duplicated a piece of art and tried to stay in right brain mode for the drawing.  Next week we change it up and force the left brain to shut off (if all goes as planned!).  After that drawing is complete we will compare the two and we can gauge how well we are controlling the right/left brain switch.  It is fun, and usually we see a drastic improvement between this week and next week!

If you r child was absent this week we will catch them up!  I know allergies are horrible right now, and I have heard rumors of other bugs going through the schools.  Stay healthy!  Encourage your students to draw in their free time.  All drawing is good for them, it engages the right brain and it just extra practice! Have a great week!

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