Supplies for summer classes

Here are the supplies that your student will need for classes.  Siblings can share supplies, I will seat them near each other- but each student will need their own pad of paper/canvases.

Oil Pastels:

Oil pastels- I think the Pentel brand is fine.  I don't like the Sakura, Darice, orother "craft" brands.  They are lower quality, which means less pigment, dull colors, and not as blendable.  This set is fine for starting out.  You can get a nicer quality with this set, but fewer colors.

Paper- The paper must be specifically for oil pastels!  These are greasy, and the paper has to be able to absorb but not leak it through to other paper.  This pad is fine, it has an assortment of colors I believe, which is fun with oil pastels.  They show up great on colored paper.  The size is up to you, but at least 8x10 so we have room to really play.  The color is also up to you- just make sure it's for oil pastels!

Blending Sticks (optional)- these are for people that don't like messy fingers.  I like to use my fingers, the pastels are not super hard to remove.  The heat from your finger will help melt the oil, making it spreadable.  The blending sticks work great and won't make your fingers such a mess during the process.

Acrylic Painting

Paint- Paint is tricky because it adds up quickly.   The art "kits" typically come with very transparent paint, which means you will blow through it very fast.  If you already have a kit, let's use it up.  If you are buying supplies, let's avoid the kits.  This set is a good beginner set--we will learn to mix colors, so you don't have to have everything.  This set has lots of variety, but the tubes are very small.  So the main colors will probably not go far enough for more than one or two paintings. *Don't buy Reeve's brand of any art supply! It's all garbage.

Brushes- This set has a good variety, and a protective case.

Canvas- your choice of size, style.  The canvas on board is going to have the shortest life.  Stretched canvas will last longer, but costs more.  This pack will do, it isn't professional, but it is going to allow the student to learn at a lower cost.  You can get this or choose a smaller pack.

Roll of paper towels for cleaning brushes.

Plastic paint tray/pallette- just get locally.  These are only a couple of dollars.  Get one with at least 10 wells.  Don't worry about a cover- they are never air tight.

Easel- optional.  Just make sure it's a smaller table top type.

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